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Spring Start-Up Rate:
2-technician crew:  $190 per hour

General Service & Fall Shut Down Rate
 crew:  $95 per hour 
 ($190 two hour minimum charge, plus $95 each additional hour)


Water Works Ponds specializes in multi-faceted water feature services.

Designing and installing natural, easy to maintain professional-grade water features.

Rebuilding existing water features that need some TLC or major overhaul.

Troubleshooting issues. Whether it's a leak or simply not functioning properly.

Maintaining community water features and spring start-up and fall shut-down services. 

Water features are not only a retreat for people, it will also attract a variety of wildlife. Let's get your water feature the best it can be.


Contact us today to arrange an on-site consultation to create your own private aquatic oasis.



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