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Aquatic Plants

Naturalize your water feature instantly with Alberta hardy aquatic plants. Water Works Ponds has a wide selection of proven performers that are low maintenance and tough enough to handle a long Alberta winter.  

Retail Price:
Small Pot Aquatic plants:  $13
Large Pot Aquatic plants:  $17
Alberta Hardy Lilies: $39
Water Hyancinth: $5


pond lily

Aquatic Lily
Available in Red, Pink, White & Peach

corkscrew rush

Corkscrew Rush

variegated sweetflag

Variegated Sweetflag



marsh marigold

Marsh Marigold

double marsh marigold

Double Marsh Marigold

creeping jenny

Creeping Jenny

siberian iris
mares tail
dwarf horsetail

Siberian Iris

Mares Tail

Dwarf Horsetail

Annual / Tropicals

water hyacinth

Water Hyacinth

parrots feather

Parrot's Feather

iris ensata white.jpeg

Iris Ensata - White

canna pretoria.jpeg

Canna Petoria


Umbrella Papyrus 

Burgundy Aquarius Hibiscus.jpeg

Burgundy Aquarius Hibiscus


Mini-Iris Louisiana - Ann Chowning


Iris Ensata Variegata


Zantedeschia Aethiopica - African-Gold


Colocasia - Coal Miner

Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus.jpeg

Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus


10-14-8 Aquatic Plant Fertilizer

Maximum Blooms & Beauty

  • Easy and Safe Application

  • Contains Essential Nutrients

  • Simple Dose Tablets

  • 30 tabs

    Retail Price: $13

thrive aquatic plant fertilizer

Aquatic Planting Media
Pre-Colonized With Beneficial Bacteria!

All Inert Ingredients!

No Fertilizer, Compost, Peat or Pesticides!

100% Natural Minerals!

Kiln Fired!

  • Ideal when potting aquatic plants

  • Retains oxygen

  • Enormous surface area perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria

  • Allows mixing any ratio of loam to planting media

  • Nontoxic to plants

  • Will not break down, float or cloud pond water

  • Safe for all fish and aquatic life

Available Sizes

  • 20 lbs.
    Contains no nutrients

    Retail Price: $40

aquatic media.jpg
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