Water Works Ponds skimmers are the best on the market. 

Model: PS3900 

Weir Width: 6” 

Dimensions: 173/4”W x 19.5”D x 19.5”H 

Max Pump Flow: 3900 gph 

Max Pond Size:  6′ x 8′ 

Filtering: net, Matala Mat 

Match to FilterFalls: BF1600

Model: PS4600 


Weir Width: 6”


Dimensions: 19½”W x 26”D x 22”H


Max Pump Flow: 4,000 gph


Max Pond Size:  10′ x 15′


Filtering: net, brush panel


Match to FilterFalls: BF1900

Model: PS7000 


Weir Width: 9”


Dimensions: 25”W x 30”D x 24”H


Max Pump Flow: 7,000 gph


Max Pond Size:  25′ x 30′


Filtering: net, brush panel


Match to FilterFalls: BF2600

Model: PS15000


Weir Width: 14”


Dimensions: 28”W x 33”D x 31”H


Max Pump Flow: 15,000 gph


Max Pond Size:  30′ x 35′


Filtering: net, brush panel


Match to FilterFalls: BF3800

Model: PS3000 


Weir Width: 6”

Dimensions: 13”W x 13”D x 25”H

Pump Flow Range: 1,000 – 3,000 gph


Filtering: net


Application: Satellite Skimmer – Drawing and cleaning water from hard-to-reach areas
of a pond, the Satellite Skimmer is used in combination with (and plumbs into) the
main pond skimmer. PS3000 installs inside or outside the pond.


Use with Skimmer: PS7000 / PS15000

Skimmer Accessories

Model: RL 30 Faux Rock Lid

Dimension: 24″l x 24″w x 5″h


Match to Skimmer: PS3900

Match to Pump Vault: PV1880 / PV2300 / RHPV

Model: RL 40 Faux Rock Lid


Dimension: 34″l x 24″w x 5″h

Match to Skimmer: PS4000 / PS4500 / PS4600

Model: RL 70 Faux Rock Lid


Dimension: 40″l x 36″w x 10″h

Match to Skimmer: PS7000 / PS15000

Water Fill Valve 

Add convenience and method of eco-balance with an automatic water fill valve to your water feature.

These sturdy, PVC waterfall valves are a simple and convenient way to maintain a consistent water level of your water feature, from evaporation. They help protect your pump from low water level damage and prevent the need to drag a hose over to manually fill your feature.


Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm at 60 psi


Thread Type/Size: Valve / 1/2″ mpt

Gate Keepers
Protect your valuable fish, keeping them out of skimmers by creating a barrier that prevents fish from swimming into the skimmer while allowing water to easily pass through.
Model: GK600
Description: Gate Keeper for 6” Super Flow weir doors
Model: GK900
Description: Gate Keeper for 9” Super Flow weir doors
Model: GK1400
Description: Gate Keeper for 14” Super Flow weir doors

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