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Water Works Ponds Ltd. installs and /or supplies you with everything you need to build professional looking water features, including the industry's best skimmers, filters and pumps. The Water Works EcoSystem is designed to maximize time spent enjoying a beautiful water feature, while minimizing time spent maintaining it. The creation of a healthy ecosystem is achieved through four key elements; Biological Filtration, Mechanical Filtration, Oxygenation & Aquatic Plants.

Biological Filtration 

The biological filter not only provides filtration and a starting point for your waterfall, it is also the location for much of the biological filtration. Filter media in the aquafalls unit provide an ideal location for beneficial bacteria to colonize. These bacteria consume nutrients that normally would promote green algae growth. The rocks and gravel that cover the entire liner, not only make the pond look more natural, but also give extra surface area for bacteria to colonize.

Mechanical Filtration 

The skimmer unit is designed to draw the surface of the water faster than the water below. This allows debris (leaves, etc.) to be drawn into the net inside the skimmer unit. By removing organic debris from the pond, it prevents the creation of excess nutrients in the system. Premium filter brushes, located in the aquafalls and skimmer, will remove smaller debris particles from the water.


Oxygenation of your pond is essential to promote a healthy environment for fish, aquatic life and beneficial bacteria. Oxygenation occurs as water re-circulates in your system and travels over waterfalls, cascades and streams.

Aquatic Plants 

Aquatic plants, not only contribute to the natural look of your pond, they also use excess nutrients in the system. The removal of excess nutrients helps to control algae growth.

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Ponds Making Ordinary Unique
 Dramatic, Low Maintenance & Safe

Imagine slipping away from the daily grind into a private oasis. A world where the sounds of cascading water, the sight of darting fish and birds bathing in a stream distract you from the hectic pace of everyday life.

A pond is a great way to make an ordinary yard look unique and can complement existing structures such as decks, patios, and gazebos. No chemicals are used, making it safe for pets and children.

We specialize in designing and installing natural, easy to maintain ponds. Waterfalls and streams. A pond is not only a retreat for people it will also attract a variety of native wildlife.


Pondless Waterfall | Dramatic, Low Maintenance & Safe
The Pondless water feature is just that, ‘Pond-less'.
A waterfall and stream without a pond at the bottom.

A Pondless water feature provides the sight and sounds of a waterfall, but without a standing body of water. Instead of having a pond at the bottom, there is a reservoir with specialist blocks to create void space to hold water. They have the appearance that the water is disappearing into the gravel. A pump vault is located inside a protective pump vault making the pump easily accessible.


A Pondless water feature makes an ideal front yard feature and is great in a commercial application.

These low maintenance features add stunning beauty and the mesmerizing sound of water to your yard.

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