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Landscape Contractors

Water Works Ponds has strong working relationships with landscape contractors from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan.
We offer:
Special discount pricing for landscape contractors
         We need to see proof of landscape service business ownership. This is to keep it fair for actual landscape                     contractors who we  look forward to working with on a regular basis.

Consultation Services
         Sometimes we see 'optimistic' drawings from designers that push the envelope of physics.
         We can help modify a plan and advise on equipment we have to make the water feature functional.

Installation Services 
        Sometimes plans change & the client has new time consuming requests which pushes the boundary of                                      completion before the next winter sets in again. We can help you by installing the waterfeature so that
        you and your team can focus on the rest of the landscape project. This is Alberta, and unfortunately have a shorter                  season than other regions in Canada.  We would see you as an associate.  Competitor? That would be 'Time'. 
        We view 'Time' as our main competitor. Limited time to get all of these projects professionally installed before the                    snow starts to fly again.

        Let Water Works Ponds be your 'go to' water feature specialist. We look forward to the opportunity working
        with you.



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