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Liner and Underlay

Firestone PondGuard liners are the best EPDM liners on the market! EPDM liners are the preferred choice for landscapers, nurseries and water garden installers because they are extremely flexible and very puncture resistant. Fish friendly: PondGuard liners have been tested and have proven to be safe with fish and plants. Highly flexible, PondGuard liners remain flexible in extreme temperatures, from 4 to 80 degrees celsius.



  • Panels available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

  • Easily installed 

  • Flexible for creative designs

  • Specially formulated for water gardening projects.

  • Safe for fish and plant life.

  • Requires virtually no maintenance after installation. 

  • Contains no migrating plasticizers – which means no cracking or splitting. 

  • Resistance to UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow and extreme temperatures. 

  • Developed to protect against microbial attacks from algae growth.

Weather-resistant: PondGuard liners are UV resistant and will not crack or split with age.


Lifetime warranty: PondGuard liners are so durable they are under a lifetime warranty!


EPDM liners are the number one choice for ornamental ponds, waterfalls, & streams!


Water Works Ponds specifically stock rolls of the premium grade 45 EPDM Liner in 10', 15', 20', 25', and 50' widths. We will cut these rolls to your desired length.

Retail Price: $1.98 sq ft

Retail Price
: $0.40 sq ft
We stock the premium eight-ounce non-woven geotextile fabric in two roll
widths – 7.5' and 15' wide. 


Using underlayment under the liner provides additional tear and puncture protection from roots, stones, or any other sharp objects by nearly 400%! Underlayment also provides enhanced soil stability and erosion control. Consider this an insurance policy on your liner. You only want to build your feature once as does Water Works Ponds. That's why our install crew used underlay on every installation.

  • Full rolls are 300' long 

  • Can be used on top of liner as well to protect from punctures when adding gravel

  • Available in full rolls or any roll can be cut to the desired length


Many people think that rubber roofing material is the same as pond liner. Yes, rubber roofing is made from EPDM materials but it is not the same! The EPDM materials used in roofing contains toxins that can leach out and be deadly to fish and plants. EPDM pond liners use materials that are refined and have all the harmful compounds removed. Please use the correct liner – your fish will thank you!

Liner repair accessories

Double-Sided Seaming tape 

6" wide, double-sided seaming tape for seaming liner together. Use with primer to clean liner & ensure tape adhesion.

Retail Price
: $10.00 ft



Single-Sided Cover tape 

6" wide, single-sided cover tape for protecting and covering seamed liner together. Use with primer to clean liner & ensure tape adhesion.

Also can be used for patching small holes.

Retail Price
: $10.00 ft


10oz Liner Adhesive

  • Bonds to EPDM, Metal, Wood, Asphalt, and Concrete

  • No additional primers, sealants, or adhesives needed.

  • Remains flexible and will not crack

  • Applies adheres, and cures UNDERWATER

  • Works with EPDM membranes, tapes & patches

    Retail Price
    : $21

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