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Gene & Lydia:

“We love the way it changes throughout the seasons. The sound of the water spilling into the pond is very relaxing, and it makes you forget you are in the City. Since we added the fish, it has been that much more enjoyable, and we were astounded by how large they grew. Even though we have two birdbaths in the yard, robins, juncos, and other birds like to visit the pond and they entertain us with their drinking and splashing. This winter we decided to put a heater in the pond, and the bit of open water contributes to the overall winterscape in the yard.”



Jagare Ridge Golf Club:

“All of our members and guests have been very excited about the clubhouse water pond. We have many non-golfers and guest come to our golf course to view our water pond and it’s fish inhabitants. I have many requests from people wondering what plant varieties we use in our planning scheme and how beautiful it looks.”



Debra & Stewart:

“After visiting a friend with a pond in his backyard and listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall we were hooked. We began researching pond designs, pond companies, and pond products. We went on any pond tour we could find to get ideas of what we liked and what we didn’t. After our first visit to the Parade of Ponds, we knew that we wanted Water Works to help with our backyard water feature. The ponds they designed fit with the style and look we wanted and the homeowners on the tour all provided glowing recommendations for the Water Works team in terms of professionalism, timeliness, and commitment.”



Tim and Synthia Markle:
We really can’t say enough about the amount of outstanding and creative ideas, commitment to excellence, work ethic, and amazing customer service that “Water Works Ponds” brought to the development of a waterfall in our family’s backyard. The crew of Kevin, Cole, and Parker, as well as their office staff, were a pleasure to work with. They were polite, easy to work with, on time, listened to our ideas, worked in all types of weather from heat to rainfall, were reliable and conscientious, and focused on meeting our need for something spectacular in the form of a mountain-like waterfall. The price fell well-within our budget and we couldn’t be happier with the result.


As lovers of baseball, we can, without a doubt say, you knocked this project out of the ballpark. Instead of us going to the mountains, you brought the mountains to us. We have no reluctance in singing your praises to other people who want to do something exciting on their own properties as you did with ours. 


Well Done Water Works Ponds


Mark Walker

I build my pond two years ago. The staff here have time and time again proven to be the best in the industry. From parts and supplies to knowledge they have helped me every step of the way. Prices are great and the landscaped property with their ponds is a must-see.

Terry Bucharski
Water Works Ponds is a breath of fresh air when it comes to professionalism, friendliness, expertise, and phenomenal customer service. In our initial consult appointment, Kevin was truly attentive and we felt that we were heard. Kevin and Steve used their magic and made our dream of a pond and stream system in our backyard a reality. We have had a great number of compliments on the design of the system.
Water Works Ponds has treated us very well, right from the initial meeting through the pond and stream installation as well as continued great after the fact customer service/support!

Jeff Fenske
Great place. Lots of advice and great products. Best in the business!

Alan Evertson
Recently went there to find a solution for a bubbler issue we were having. We had been told at another establishment to use a 5-gallon pail to house a pump for the bubbler. Went to Water Works and they laughed at that and offered up a permanent solution to our needs. It was a totally positive experience and the items you recommended were exactly what was needed!!! Thanks so much, sorry for the late review!

Loni Maurer
Excellent selection, expertise, knowledge and help with finding and meeting all of your aquatic needs!


John Lilley
Very experienced pond builders. They also provide spring and fall service to prepare for the season ahead.


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