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Start-up Service


Start-up services
Spring Water Feature start-ups must be done properly to get your water feature off to a great start for the season after a long winter.  If not done correctly, this often leads to water quality issues with the water looking dirty or overtaken by algae.  Our experienced crew doesn't just conduct a cosmetic makeover. They will do a proper job fully flushing out your system to remove the nutrient-rich detritus that's been forming all winter long.  Be sure to contact us early, as we operate on a first come first serve basis.  

Shut-down services
Our experienced crew will come out to conduct a full proper shut down service as if we were shutting down our own water feature for the winter.
We try to find the balance of keeping your water features running as long as possible but not too long that we risk going outside the time frame window where mother nature says we're done for the season.

Be sure to contact us early, as we operate on a regional basis for shut down services.    

Maintenance services
Water Works Ponds can also provide maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. We can create specifically outline maintenance programs to suit your requirements.

Having an issue with your water feature?  If water has the opportunity to flow away from your feature it will find it. Our expert crew has hard-earned first-hand experience knows what to look for and repair with the minimum disturbance to your property as possible.

Contact today to book into our service schedule.

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