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Faux Rocks 

Faux Rocks Lid

  • Rock Lids cover Skimmers and other equipment completely to attractively conceal them in the landscape

  • Molded from real stones, the sturdy fiberglass construction, authentic textures, and incredibly real finishes set these Rock Lids apart

  • Three sizes and four regional colors ensure the perfect fit for every application

  • Rock Lids can also be used to hide and protect Pump Vaults, FilterFalls and other equipment

Model: RL 30 Faux Rock Lid

Dimension: 24″l x 24″w x 5″h


Match to Skimmer: PS3900

Match to Pump Vault: PV1880 / PV2300 / RHPV

Retail Price: $234

Model: RL 40 Faux Rock Lid


Dimension: 34″l x 24″w x 5″h

Match to Skimmer: PS4000 / PS4500 / PS4600

Retail Price: $292

Model: RL 70 Faux Rock Lid


Dimension: 40″l x 36″w x 10″h

Match to Skimmer: PS7000 / PS15000

Retail Price: $379

True Rock’ artificial boulders

‘True Rock’ artificial boulders are ideal for concealing pressure filter control heads, air pumps,
water pumps, pond filters, UV filters, lighting transformers, and other equipment.

    • Commercial-grade heavy-duty construction stands up to the elements

    • Colour and texture is part of the material, not painted on

    • Lightweight, easy to move, and very durable

    • Will not fade or crack and are made of recycled material

  • Medium

    27″L X 21″W X 14″H

    Colour: Greystone / Sandstone
    Retail Price: $350

  • Large

    33″L X 24″W X 20″H

    Colour: Greystone / Sandstone

    Retail Price: $496

true rock artificial boulder

Faux Oak Stump Cover  
Packaged Weight: 19 lb.
Dimensions: 15" diameter x 18.5"H 

• Great for hiding outdoor electrical outlets
• Can also be used as a decorative garden accent or seat

Retail Price: $372

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 1.30.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 2.16.26 PM.png
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