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Hikari Koi Food

If you’re looking for the best diets for your pond pets, look to Hikari, the leader in aquatic nutrition worldwide.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Hikari Wheat Germ

A highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish, including goldfish.

  • Floating Pellets Will Not Cloud The Water

  • Easily monitor consumption, helping avoid over-feeding

  • Expect predictable growth and desirable form

Size: 17.6oz, 4.4lb, 11lb

Feeding: Between 5C and 15C - once daily

                Between 15C and 21C - twice daily

                Below 5C - do not feed your fish
Retail Price
: $26
4.4 lbs: $70

Hikari Gold

Colour enhancing, daily diet for all types of koi and pond fish

  • A floating pellet that will not cloud the water

  • Contains stabilized Vitamin C

  • Adds weight rapidly while improving sheen and luster

  • Colour Enhancement

Feeding: Between 15C and 21C - 1 to 2 times daily

                Above 21C - 2 to 4 times daily
Retail Price

17.6oz: $31
4.4 lbs: $99
11 lbs:   $217

Koi Krunchies

Ideal for hand feeding goldfish and koi

High quality, natural ingredients

Good source of vitamin C
Retail Price: $29

Hikari Staple

Preferred Daily Diet for koi and other pond fish

  • A floating pellet that will not cloud the water

  • Contains stabilized Vitamin C

  • Consumption monitoring helps eliminate over-feeding


Size: 17.6oz, 4.4lb, 11lb​

Feeding: Above 15C - 1 to 2 times daily

                Above 21C - 2 to 4 times daily
Retail Price

17.6oz: $17
4.4 lbs: $72
11 lbs: $131

Hikari Silkworm Selects

A daily diet growth booster offering heightened lipid and protein levels with more than 50% natural silkworm pupae.

The proprietary process reduces the chances of oxidization issues

Adds weight rapidly while improving sheen and luster

Balanced treat for koi using a centuries-old traditional ingredient

Retail Price
17.6oz: $31

Yard Enforcer Sprinkler

A powerful combination of noise, spray, and motion to help keep unwanted animals out of your garden or away from your pond!
This unique product uses a sudden burst of water to harmlessly scare away intruders.

Also functions as a 30 minute times sprinkler. Intelligent sensing technology learns the difference between trees abnd animals to prevent overwatering.

Retail Price
: $229

Pond Salt

Pond salt helps reduce the effects of elevated nitrite levels that are toxic to pond fish. Pond salt helps restore natural electrolytes allowing proper gill function when fish are under stress. Also helps repair and promote a natural slime coat that is necessary for disease prevention. Salt is excellent for mucous production when healing from a wound.
Size: 2lb - treats 400 gallons

       10lb - treats 2000 gallons

Retail Price:  2lb: $35
                     10lb: $60

pond thermometer.jpg

Pondmaster Pond Thermometer

  • Floating pond thermometer

  • Monitor the temperature in your water feature with this easy to use floating pond thermometer

  • It is easy to read, calibrated in both degree fahrenheit and degree celsius

    Retail Price:  $18

Wipe Out - Bacterial Control

  • Controls & Prevents Bacterial Infections

  • Controls Finrot & Ulcers

  • Safe for fish & Plants

Excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond & aquarium fish. Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions, untreated abrasions or predators.

*Active ingredient: Oxolinic Acid

Size: 8oz - tretas 4800 gallons

Retail Price
: $29

Knock Out - Bacterial Control

  • Remedies Ick, Parasites, Bacterial Infections and Fungus

  • Safe for fish and plants

KnockOut Plus is widely used as spectrum treatment working on parasites, bacteria, and fungus. Works with all pond fish, especially koi & goldfish. A treatment for a variety of parasites, bacteria & fungus Including:

- Anchor worm                - Trichodina

- Fish lice                           - Costina

- Flukes                              - Chilodonella

- Ichthyophthirius (ick)

Size: 16oz - treats 960 gallons

Retail Price:  16oz: $18
                 1 Gallon: $123


Very pleased with this product!

One of my female gold fish had open head wounds w
hile overwintering in the tank.

I used Knock Out treatments twice a day for about 2.5 weeks. The wounds healed over with healthy pinkish tissue resulting in a happy hungry and energetic little girl.

The rest of the community benefitted from the treatment as well. No one was lost!
- T. Plesowicz

Heavy-Duty Pond Net With Telescoping Handle

The heavy-duty skimmer net from Aquascape is a professional-quality net designed to make cleaning your pond a breeze. It features a long, extending handle and extra-tough netting to help you clean your pond quickly and easily.

  • The heavy-duty, professional-grade pond net

  • Tough, durable netting for years of use

  • Larger head reduces your maintenance time (16" by 16" - tapered)

  • 36-inch handle extends to 63 inches

  • Retail Price:  $50

fine skimming net.jpg

Fine mesh net. Great for skimming out pine needles and other fine debris

Medium mesh net. Great for catching pond fish & skimming out coarse debris

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