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Our well-stocked onsite retail shop specializes in supplying commercial grade water garden equipment and maintenance from around the globe. Supported by professional staff with highly with an expertise that is viewed amongst the highest in Canada.

A visit to our retail shop is not like shopping at a big box store where the staff product knowledge often starts and ends with knowing how to scan the SKU number and what the retail price is. A visit to Water Works Ponds is an elevated experience with quality products supported by quality product knowledge. Our wide-scope of clientele varies from those new to water gardening, regular repeat customers, and professional contractors.

All the equipment we sell we would also use in our warrantied installations, so you'll know you're purchasing with confidence.  

Naturalize your water feature instantly with Alberta hardy aquatic plants.
Water Works Ponds has a wide selection of proven performers that
are low maintenance and tough enough to handle a long Alberta winter.  

Aquatic Plants

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