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Imagine slipping away from the daily grind into a private oasis. A world where the sounds of cascading water, the sight of darting fish and birds bathing in a stream distract you from the hectic pace of everyday life. A pond is a great way to make an ordinary yard look unique and can complement existing structures such as decks, patios and gazebos.

No chemicals are used, making it safe for pets and children. We specialize in designing and installing natural, easy to maintain ponds, waterfalls, and streams.

A pond is not only a retreat for people it will also attract a variety of native wildlife.

The Pondless Waterfall is a water feature is just that, a waterfall and stream without a pond at the bottom. It provides the sight and sound of a waterfall, but without a standing body of water.

Instead of having a pond at the bottom, there is a reservoir filled with stone giving the appearance that the water is disappearing into the gravel. A pump vault is buried in the rock making the pump easily accessible.

A Pondless waterfall makes an ideal for yard feature and is great for commercial applications.

These low maintenance features add stunning beauty and the mesmerizing sound of water to your yard.

Bring the soothing sight and sound of water to your home with an attractive Bubbler water feature.

These features can range from a small scale intimate feature to a towering large-scale feature.


Bubblers are low maintenance features comprised of cored natural rock columns with water gently rippling down the faces disappearing into a gravel bed at the base. A Bubbler feature is ideal as a grand focal point in the front yard or to bring water to a small space where a standard water feature may not fit.

Your choice of Bubbler is unique. This provides a one of a kind visual impact to the water; and in turn a one of a kind water feature.


Great for masking out ambient noise and providing soothing relief to an otherwise busy day.

Formal Features


Calais Collection
These unique fine water fountains of European design are made to exacting standards.


Highly versatile, the Calais Collection of fine fountains will add striking sight and sound of water to indoor or outdoor formal settings, and subtle presence to casual settings alike.

All features include a water pump and plumbing required.

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