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Installation Service

We specialize in designing and installing natural, easy to maintain professional-grade water features. 

Our company culture is lead by a long-term core team and highly experienced installers, service, and retail staff.
Our customers and their water features themselves are our best ‘sales force'. Satisfied customers share their
experiences with our company and the water features speak for themselves.

Every water feature we consult, design, install and maintain are executed to the same high-level standards as if it were on our own property.
This is one of the many reasons why we have won many industry awards and are repeatedly hired by other professional landscape companies to install water features in their landscape projects. 

Re-builds & repairs:
 Yes, we also offer rebuild & repair services. Moved into a new home and discovered there is a water feature in the backyard and need help? Give us a call.  Got a DIY project that didn't turn out as well as you imagined and need some help? Give us a call. Have a water feature that has sprung a leak and can't find it? Give us a call.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and are confident that you’ll see why
Water Works Ponds & Waterwalls is Alberta’s first choice for your water feature needs.    

For a natural look, we can create ponds, waterfalls, and streams. One-of-a-kind custom formal/contemporary water

features are also an option that can dramatically alter an outdoor or indoor space.

Water features are not only a retreat for people, it will also attract a variety of wildlife.


Contact us today to arrange an on-site consultation to create your own private aquatic oasis.

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