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Water Works Ponds Water Feature Rebuild at the Edmonton Muttart Conservatory

Water Works Ponds was commissioned by the City of Edmonton to rebuild the water feature in the temperate pyramid.   
Originally constructed back in 1976 it was time for a refresh with a bold new vision of creating a larger natural-looking pond, wider meandering stream, and grander waterfalls.  

Visitors will enjoy this feature for decades to come.  The professional horticulturalists who manage the botanical pyramid also have the creative freedom to add and change their specimen exhibition around the new water feature as desired.  

IMG_5825optimized (1).jpg

Patio Ponds & Fire Fountains

Do you love the beauty of water gardens but lack the space for a pond?

Patio Ponds make it simple to have a complete water garden in any setting without ever having to touch a shovel.

The integrated plant shelf and plumbing ports make creating a beautifully planted container water garden easier than ever. The durable fiber-resin construction is lightweight and built to last. Just drain and cover for the Alberta winter.

Patio Ponds can be used to transform any outdoor or indoor environment and the natural finish allows the feature to blend easily into a wide variety of settings.

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