Water Treatments

Pea soup green ponds are largely due to excess nutrients in the water. Switching over to a more effective higher grade bio media will naturally strip out that nutrient to create clean, clear water for your pond. SSA refers to how much ‘specific surface area’ per unit of volume a bio media has for colonization by bacteria inside pond filters

Bio Media Direct Comparison

 Ultra Bio Media  750 SSA

 Lava Rock              86 SSA

750 SSA / 86 SSA = 8.7
That's over 8.7 times more surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize that will consume the nutrient out of the water within the same space in your waterfall filter!!


New Project.jpg

Problem pond with inadequate biofiltration                       Water Works Show Pond

Flocculent RapiClear quickly and effectively binds both organic
and inorganic particles together that are making the pond
look ‘cloudy’. The bound material can then be captured by
the filtration system.

– 16 fl. oz bottle treats 8000 gallons
– 32 fl oz. bottle treats 16,000 gallons
– 1 gallon bottle treats 64,000 gallons

Water Works Ponds Client Examples

Fray Residence – Before 
Pond with organic & inorganic
particles causing cloudy water

Tse Residence – Before
High winds over time blew in top soil in the pond making the pond water visibility nearly at zero.

Fray Residence – During Process
Pond three hours later with one
application of Rapi Clear.

Tse Residence – During Process
A few hours later, it’s getting better, but not there quite yet. Another application is made.

Fray Residence – Finished result 
Pond the following morning after second application.
Organic &inorganicparticleswerebinded together and trapped in the skimmer filter brushes.
Photos courtesy of Marie Fray.

Tse Residence  – finished result.
Fine organic and inorganic particles have been bound up and trapped by the filter brushes in the skimmer.
Photos courtesy of Desmond Tse.

Pro Fix - Quick Fix Pond Cleaner


  • Contains a 9% solution for Rapid Action

  • Clears pond water regardless of colour

ProFix is formulated to be stronger,  work faster & more economical per treatment than any similar product on the market today.


Size                  Gal. Treated

16 oz                       9,600

128 oz                     76,800


One Fix Pond Bacteria


– Quickly Establishes a biofilter

– Contains Nitrosomonas & Nitrobacter Bacteria

– Removes Ammonia & Nitrite to help promote fish health

– Can be used all year including cold water


Size                  Gal. Treated

16 oz                       6,000

32 oz                     12,000

64 oz                     24,000 

1 Gallon                48,000

D-Solv Oxy Pond
Rock & Waterfall Cleaner

Fast-acting oxygen-based cleaning
Cleans rocks, waterfalls & statues
2lb jar treats 800 sq. feet
10 lbs pail treats 100,000 gallons

Biological Clarifier
Naturally, clears the water, removes odours and breaks down suspended dead debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes.
The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels.

Comes in easy-to-use water-soluble packets and can be used in
ponds, fountains, bubblers and pondless waterfall features.


Size                          Gal. Treated

5.6 oz                     6,000
9 oz                      12,000
22.4 oz                 24,000
89.6 oz                 96,000

These one-ounce tablets contain highly concentrated natural bacteria and enzymes.
This formulation is great for pond and lake muck removal along shorelines, docks, or beaches. CrystalClear MuckOut can also be used as a total pond and lake treatment to remove up to 2-inches of muck per month.
Distribute evenly from shore or in a body of water once every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F.
64 tablets treats up to 1 surface acre for 3 months.


Clear Out
Water quality problems are caused by rotting vegetation, leaves, twigs and fish waste that have accumulated in your pond. Pond Clear is a special blend of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria designed to promote a clean and healthy ecosystem. Pond Clear works by consuming suspended organics and converting them into an odourless gas that safely escapes unnoticed out of the water column. In just a few weeks after the first application, you will begin to see a noticeable difference in water quality.
**Treats 1/4 acre pond for three months**


Vanish Dechlorinator 

Immediately removes chlorine, chloramine & heavy metals

– adds fish slime coat protectant

– safe for all aquatic life

Size                           Gal. Treated

16 oz                          3,200

32 oz                          6,400


– Quickly & effectively removes foam

– Concentrated formula

– Safe for use in ponds & fountains


Size                           Gal. Treated

  8 oz                          8,000 

1 Gallon                  128,000

Pond Tint – Blue Dye
Tints Water Brilliant Blue
– Shades your pond
– Safe for all aquatic life


Size                           Gal. Treated

16 oz                          1,600

Nature’s Blue Pond Dye
Formulated to provide large ponds with
a true blue color for aesthetics and reducing algae growth by reducing the amount of sunlight penetrating into the water.Two packets can be simply tossed in the water as needed depending on heavy rainfall and/or intense sunlight.

Two packets will treat one surface acre, 4-6 feet deep.

Muck and Sludge Reducer


Muck Off tablets are designed to sink to the bottom of the pond to quickly reduce muck and sludge caused by dead algae, fish waste, leaves, and twigs. Muck Off easy-to-use tablets is a blend of natural bacteria and enzymes that help clear water by removing excess nutrients and reducing sediment. Great from ponds with rock and gravel.

Muck Off is safe to use with fish, plants,  or domestic animals that drink from the pond.

Green Matala Pad

This commercial grade filter pad costs a little more and will outlast all other similar products.

Due to its unique material design, Matala media is much more rigid than traditional polyester media. This makes it easier to clean but does not allow it to be rolled up like other media. 

Matala mats are 1½" thick.

Ideal for custom cutting.
Use an existing tired filter pad as a template.


Sizes available:

Medium: 24" x 39"
Large: 39" x 48"

crystalclear_muckoff_24tablet_1000 (1).j

Lowers pH


Quickly & Safely Lowers pH

  • Increases Fish Electrolytic Uptake

  • Safe For All Aquatic Life

2lb Bottle Treats

32,000 Gallons

matala-filter-media-custom cut.jpg
matala green filter pad.jpg
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