Lighting can extend the enjoyment of your pond. Why just relax by your pond on the weekends when you can retire by the pond after a long day at work. Underwater lighting will ‘illuminate’ the goings on as fish dart around in the darkened water. Lily pads and waterfalls backlit by underwater lighting add an ethereal element to your pond.

The advancement of energy-efficient LED and High-Intensity LED lighting is becoming more prominent and ponds are no exception.

Lighting transformers come with an auto sensor which will activate the lights at dusk for a predetermined amount of time.

Contact us today to discuss your options from high intensity to energy-efficient lighting options.


Model: Oase LunAqua 3 Light
Description: Compact Warm White Spotlight

Beam spread: 30 degrees
Lumen Output: 110

Voltage: 12 volt AC

Watts: 3

Includes: LED Spotlight, 25’ power cord
w/ quick-connect stand.

Model: Oase Luna 3 LED Light Set
Description: Compact Warm White Spotlight

Beam spread: 20 degrees
Lumen Output: 31

Voltage: 12 volt AC

Watts: 0.5

Includes: LED Spotlight, 10’ power cord each light, colour lenses, w/ quick-connect stand.

OASE - Founded in 1949, the Oase brand has set the standard for excellence in the water garden industry. Known for high quality and high-reliability in their products line, we are pleased to offer the Oase LunAqua 3 Lights as a standard stocked item.


The Oase LunAqua 3 lights are the ideal way to highlight your pond, water feature or landscaping.
Each waterproof light comes with a pivoting base and 25 feet of cord, making these lights easy to position in and out of the pond water. The high-quality construction and warm colour white light will provide years of nighttime ambiance to your pond or landscape.

Aquascape LED Spotlight 

These LED's create a vibrant nighttime atmosphere with a pleasing warm white (3500 Kelvin) natural-looking evenly casted light.

Ideal for lighting or highlighting water features, trees, and plants
Includes 12 volt quick connect weatherproof connectors.

  • Use in any water garden or traditional landscape

  • Die-cast metal housing finished with a three-part brushed architectural bronze coating holds up to all weather conditions

  • 1 Watt  Light provides output equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light
    (1 watt light available as single and a 3 light set value pack)

  • 3 Watt  Light provides output equivalent to a 20-watt halogen light

  • 6 Watt  Light provides output equivalent to a 50-watt halogen light

  • Natural warm light color (3500K)

  • Integrates easily with other Aqua cape quick connect 12-volt components

  • 40,000-hour bulb life; transformer sold separately

  •  25’ power cord

  • quick-connect stand.

  • 5-year full replacement warranty


​1 Watt Light


​3 Watt Light


​6 Watt Light


The Aquascape Color-Changing Spotlight provides impressive lighting options for ponds, waterfalls, and landscapes, adding beauty and elegance by bringing it to life at night.

The fixture features high-output color changing diodes and powerful warm white diodes, allowing you to wirelessly select from a wide array of color options including a 3000 Kelvin, true white option. Optical lenses positioned over the diodes provide extremely powerful light output.

The Aquascape Color-Changing Lighting Control Hub (not included) and a low-voltage transformer (not included) is required to power and control the lights. The spotlight can be installed fully submerged in water or installed in traditional landscape settings, accenting or up lighting trees, rocks, gardens, and more.

The low-voltage, 4.5-Watt  & 8-Watt LED light is extremely energy-efficient and includes a removable, adjustable stand, landscape stake, and professional, weatherproof quick-connect fittings for quick and easy installation.

The Color-Changing Spotlight integrates easily with existing low-voltage lighting systems.

Use Aquascape Color-Changing splitters and extension cables to make installation quick and easy.
5-year full replacement warranty.

  • High-output color changing diodes provide a wide array of color options

  • Optical lenses provide powerful light output

  • Includes true, warm white setting

  • Durable, fully-sealed, die-cast metal housing with a protective finish

  • Dimensions: 7.62cm diameter x 7.62 cm

warm white setting also available

Aquascape LED Fountain Light has been developed to provide an impressive accent to bubbler rocks, connecting easily to the top of the bubbler rock with an integrated barbed fitting.

Available in warm white and colour changing. The colour-changing diodes provide a wide variety of colour options, and the integrated white diodes also provide a warm white light when desired. These low-voltage lights are extremely energy-efficient and include professional, weatherproof quick-connect fittings for quick and easy installation.























**    The colour changing LED Fountain Kit also features a warm light option.
*** The kit includes one fountain light, a 12-volt transformer, and a wireless remote used to control the light settings.

                                                          White LED                                        Colour Changing LED

Dimensions                         1.5 in diameter x 2.5 in H                      1.5 in diameter x 2.5 in H
Voltage                                            10.8V - 15V                                               10.8V - 15V

Wattage                                                2.5                                                                 2.5

Lumens                                                 24                                                                  24

Kelvin                                                 3000K                                                          3000K

Bulb Life                                     25,000 hours                                              25,000 hours
Cord Length                                         15'                                                                  15'

Landscape Lighting

CAST Lighting satisfies your needs for nighttime beauty, safety, and security with solid bronze lights that are rock-solid-dependable and deliver light where it’s needed – in the right amounts. CAST is the top choice of the best lighting professionals who select among four high-quality lines that vary in applications, features, and price.


About Cast LightingBeauty: Solid bronze and copper fixtures – handcrafted by skilled artisans. Aging beautifully, they patina to a colour that blends into nature.


Durability: Slid bronze bodies, heavy gauge copper stems, marine-grade tin-coated wire – all designed to last a lifetime – we guarantee it.

Innovation: State-of-the-art lighting technology including highly efficient LED’s and power supplies.

**Water Works Ponds is a proud stocking distributor for Cast Lighting products**

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