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Take advantage of our special offers to help get your water feature off to a great start this season.


Jet fountain water arc shape with a colourful blue LED light.

Widely applied in shopping malls and amusement parks, the Jet Fountain creates an arc-like water column. Blue LED light included for nighttime display.


The size of the arc is relative to the flow capacity of the pump used.


Reg Price:  $499

Sale Price: $149.00

70% off!!










Heavy-duty Aquafalls grates make it very easy to cover the falls box with rocks and plants. Can be custom cut to fit existing waterfall weir.
Size:       Quantity Available   Sale Price

S                           2                    $24.50
M                          1                     $74.50



30% off Bronze Scupper (1 in stock) Sale Price: 174.30







  • Description: BF1600 Matala Filter Kit
    Filter Density: Coarse, Medium, Fine

  • Dimensions: 18"L x 14"W x 4"H


  • Reg Price:  $97

  • Sale Price: $35.00

  • Description: BF2600 Matala Filter Kit
    Filter Density: Coarse, Medium, Fine

  • Dimensions: 26"L x 17"W x 4"H


  • Reg Price:  $185.00

  • Sale Price: $75.00


Limited Stock

Sheer Flow Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs
Create a dramatic and stunning focal point with a water blade with Sheer Flow stainless steel waterfall weirs. Ideal for more formal wall installations. These weirs are designed to extend 13" from the supportive wall but can also be installed to a shorter extension.

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Width     Recommended    # Plumbing    Reg: $       Sale: $
                        Flow                       Ports

48"               3000  gph                     3                $750        $600

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