Rock Product

Montana Gravel
Specialist 4 sized mix
(pea, 3/4″, 1 1 /2″,  2″- 6″)
Trucked in from the USA, this gravel mix adds a dynamic look to waterfeatures.
A colourful mixture, it looks dramatic yet natural appearance when dressed along
the side of stream and just sparkles when immersed in water.
Kootenay Rustic Boulders
Trucked in from British Columbia, Kootenay Rustic boulders are very versitile.
They look great in waterfalls, stream and in ponds too. The chunky appearance
can produce white water in the waterfalls as we see in nature.
We prefer this over an ‘ornamental appearance’ of a sheer uniform flow of water
as produced with slate.Kootenay Rustic boulders provides a mountainour alpine feel to your water feature.Importantly, they will not leech iron content in the water that other boulders do with a
similar appeaance. Leeching of iron particles often turns pond water into a brown ‘tea’ colour.

Fieldstone is locally sourced and is a very versatile stone in terms it’s shapes, size and colour variations.

This stone is also inert to the water in that it will not leech.

The varying sizes gives a natural look utilizing stone of similar size and shape.


Basalt Bubbler Rock
Cored Basalt columns available in many sizes.
Basalt is lava that cooled and hardened after it flooded over the landscape. Lava began flowing in the
Columbia basin about 17 million years ago and continued until about 6 million years ago. In all, there
may have been 300 individual outbreaks. Each lava flood was separated by thousands of years in
which nothing happened.Bubbler rocks are available in a wide variety of characteristic shapes and sizes. Individual stones start in
sizing suitable for a do-it-yourselfer who can load them in a pick up truck, and up to grand sized stones
requiring a crane to place them.
Cored Mountain Boulders
Green Mountain Marble
Black Magic Boulder
Landscape Products and Accessories
Rock Dolly
Save your time.
Save your back.This rock dolly take all the strain of
maneouvering heavy and bulky rocks
around your property.Capable of transporting rocks up do 1500 lbs**Red rock dolly is substantially larger than
a standard dolly**
Basalt Cross-Cut  7″ Slab Riser
Basalt 7″ Slab Riser
Basalt Bench
Mission Creek Patio Fagstone
Stone & Cast Steel Fire Features
Add natural elegance to your property with a Stone or Cast Steel Fire Feature.
Can be supplied with natural gas or propane.
Basalt Fire Rock Basalt Fire Rock
Tundra Fire Rock Tundra Fire Rock
Cast Steel Fire Pit Cast Steel Fire Pit