Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Has Never Been So Easy

Significant economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved by using Graf Rainwater Harvesting systems to supply water for some, or possibly all of our requirements and reduce your dependence on City water. Our water supplies are becoming taxed and water restrictions are in place in many communities to reduce our overall water usage and protect our supplies.

Rainwater falls for free – once you have installed a rain harvesting system, you use less City water and can reduce your water bills. Governments and Water Boards are installing new meters and increasing water prices as they seek to recover the true costs of providing water to the community – as the cost to supply City water services is becoming more expensive each year. 

Graf Rainwater Harvesting has developed a range of patented products that can be used in conjunction with roofing, gutters, downpipes and rainwater tanks to provide complete rainwater solutions.

Step1: Select Tank

Model Volume (gallons) Length Width Height Weight Maximum 
Ground Water Stable Axle Load
372001 130 82" 62" 55" 265 lbs 5' Midtank Vehicle
372002 186 90" 69" 63" 331 lbs 5' Midtank Vehicle
372003 231 90" 63" 331" 331 lbs 5' Midtank Vehicle
372004 314 94" 96" 485" 485 lbs 5' Midtank Vehicle

Step 2: Select Your Tank Cover

GRAF tanks feature a telescopic dome shaft. All shafts are able to tilted by 5 degrees in order to fit flush with almost any terrain. The lids are designed to fit flush with the ground with the telescopic shaft can be raised or lowered to suit.

There are 4 options, depending on burial depth:

1: Mini telescopic dome shaft – Suitable for pedestrian loading this shaft is adjustable to 37.4 inches high.
Mini telescopic dome

2: Maxi telescopic dome shaft – Suitable for pedestrian loading this shaft is adjustable to 41.3 inches high.
Filter package 2

3: Cast iron telescopic dome shaft – Suitable for traffic loading this shaft is adjustable to 41.3 inches high.
Filter package 3

Extension – Achieve a maximum burial depth of 5 feet using this extension with the Maxi or Cast Iron telescopic dome shafts.
Filter package 3

Step 3: Select your desired tank filter package

GRAF offers 3 styles of filters to remove impurities from during the rainwater harvesting procedure. Each package fits neatly within the manway dome and utilizes existing holes to ensure a proper fit and the best operation.

Filter package 1 Filter package 2 Filter package 3