Pond-Less Waterfall Course:

A Pond-Less Waterfall Course provides the sight and sounds of a waterfall, but without a standing body of water. Instead of having a pond at the bottom, there is a reservoir filled with stone giving the appearance that the water is disappearing into the gravel. An ideal option as the grand front yard water feature and child friendly too.


Date: Saturday May 10,2014

Location: Edmonton, AB

Cost: $25.00 (lunch included)

Pond Course:

The pond workshop will start with a bare ground site and finish with a full functioning pond, complete with a waterfall and stream all in one day! Working along side with your Water Works Ponds instructor, you will learn the proper sequence of steps for successful design, excavation, grading, equipment installation and project costing.


Date: Saturday May 24,2014

Location: Edmonton, AB

Cost: $25.00 (lunch included)

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Nature Indoors stunning Canadian made waterwalls will bring a striking and dramatic transformation to your living space, office, or business.
The classic elements of metal and stone combine beautifully to bring nature indoors with elegance and style.   

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